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How to order ?

Due to the size of the brand, orders are now taken during a vente a specific date and time 
(communicated upstream on the website on the home page or on social networks).

Everything is made to order:

no item is made beforehand 

(not in stock) 

Between each session: no finished products are available for purchase. 
(only the patterns to make the creations yourself). 

Production times must therefore be taken into account, these are communicated during the sessions. 

Orders placed in the month ofNovember 2022 are planned for the whole month ofApril(in order of arrival).

Orders placed in the month ofFEBRUARYare planned May to June

Orders placed in the month ofApril are planned forJuly to August.

Orders placed in the month of May will be planned for September to October


Aexpress tailoring 

(4 weeks) in addition to10€is available on select eligible items

(doudou, awakening: rattle, miscellaneous: individually, some personalized requests).

During the sessions there is alimited quantityorder taking; this is why going to the site at the date and time indicated is important. 

!! Regarding custom requests that do not exist on the site !!

-> The5 premierespeople to message via social media at the specified time will be accepted. 

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